Meysam Motazedi

Meysam Motazedi Film Actor & Director


Complex-ridden and moody but always sporting a sexy smouldering look whilst striving for prestige. To him, acting is a universal quest pursued with fervent single-mindedness: to be the best there is. This is accomplished, in part, by bad mouthing other actors and their work in conjunction with shameless self-promotion.


A megalomaniac of the highest order with the technical and creative skills to match such an ego. Everything I do must be an all-out salute to myself.


A firm believer in tearing down the walls of insecurity and fear by reducing people to nothing. This has been instrumental in helping him mask his own deep-seated insecurities and compensating for feelings of inadequacy while allowing his client/subject to relax.



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right lane must exit short film right lane must exit short film

April 2015

Pre-production is in full swing on my latest short film, The Agony of Obsolescence. Filming to take place in Vancouver during the first week of May.

Producer(s): Panthea Vatandoost, Samuel Luk, Meysam Motazedi




Newly immigrated from Iran, Mahsa and Majid have impatiently awaited their first day of school. When the day finally arrives, a battle of wills between father and son over Mahsa's attire brings things to a head, threatening to thwart the conservative views of a single father who's held on to his autocratic ways for far too long.

















February 2015

Los Días Que Cantamos (Non-fiction) to premier at the 12th edition of 11mm International Film Festival in Berlin!


On June 12th, 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil commenced, awakening strong patriotic sentiments in a country where the hope of winning it all brings together people from all walks of life.

Los Días Que Cantamos(The Days We Sang), explores the fascinating connection of Argentinians with La Albiceleste(Argentinian National Football Team)-- and football in general-- through the eyes of nine very different fans.

El 12 de Junio, se dio comienzo a La Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2014 en Brasil, despertando fuertes sentimientos patrióticos en un país donde la esperanza de ganarlo todo une a un pueblo con gente de distintos ámbitos sociales.

Los Días Que Cantamos explora la fascinante relación de los argentinos con la Albiceleste y con el fútbol en general, a través de los ojos de nueve hinchas muy diferentes.


Written By: Soledad Vega

Director/Photographer: Meysam Motazedi













August 2014

Until The Quiet Comes has been selected to participate in this year's edition of Europe Refresh. The project will be presented at Les Halles of Schaerbeek, Friday October 3rd until Sunday October 5th in Brussels and then in Paris at the Carreau du Temple on Friday 10 to Sunday 12th.The event is a cross collaboration between Les Halles in Belgium and KissKissBankBank in France where creative projects/ideas are given an incredibly unique platform to raise money through crowdfunding as well as holding meetings with potential funders and producers.















Until The Quiet Comes (Fiction)

The lives of a group of Iranian/Canadians- a young drug fiend, an obsessive musician, a vengeful father and his cash-strapped protege- collide in a brutal tale set in the festering underbelly of Vancouver.

UNTIL THE QUIET COMES is a an account of displacement highlighted by the massive 1990s migration of Iranians to Canada. It is a multi-strand story told through the eyes of a group of Iranian-Canadian characters who have been uprooted from their heritage and struggle to build new lives.


Director of Photography: SANTIAGO MOURIÑO

Developed at Binger Filmlab Directors Lab 2013



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