BaHman, with an ‘h’  

In a bustling supermarket, Bahman, a societal misfit, is silently ensnared by the surrounding aisles, reflecting his inner conflict and yearning for acceptance. As he navigates this microcosm, subtle hints of a dual identity emerge, echoing the broader challenges of fitting into a world that often alienates him.

15min Drama (In PRE-PRODUCTION)

Writer/Director: من
Producer: Soledad Vega
DP: Andrea Gavazzi
Cast: Arvin Kananian 


In BaHman, with an ‘h’, I delve into the complexities of navigating life as someone straddling two cultures, drawing from my own experiences of harmonizing disparate worlds as an emigre. The story unfolds not just as a personal reflection but as a deep exploration of identity layers, influenced by societal expectations, cultural differences, and internal conflicts. Through the protagonist, the film addresses the delicate dance of neogtioating one’s constantly shifting identities: Bahman’s daydreams reveal a longing for a realm where he feels empowered, understood, and celebrated, offering both an escape and a reaffirmation of his deepest aspirations. 
In the end, the narrative deliberately avoids simplistic solutions to his crisis, opting instead to chart the profound path of self-discovery amidst a web of external influences, and all the mysteries therein.