Sunday, July 31st

Set against the backdrop of a searing heatwave, a fraying father-son bond reaches its boiling point during a fateful visit to a local swimming pool.


Writer/Director: من
Producer: Soledad Vega
DP: Jeremy Cox
Editor: Kane Stewart
Production Designer: Raevn Brasch
Cast: Eyup Kerem Basak // Mehdi Motazedi


Sunday, July 31st unfolds as a dreamy retelling of my tumultuous relationship with my father. Framed through a restrained yet poignant lens, my protagonist embarks on a pivotal transformation from adolescence to adulthood, stepping out of his father’s ubiquitous shadow in the process. By focusing on his pivotal transformation, I aim to craft a vivid narrative where a seemingly insignificant misstep culminates in a powerful declaration of selfhood. As the story unfolds, it exposes the restorative potency of truth, prompting the viewer to question their own notions of enlightenment and truth.