The Human Link

Straddling the boundary between evocative visual portraits and conventional documentaries, The Human Link melds verité filming, in-depth interviews, travelogue insights, and striking imagery to offer a multifaceted exploration of the essence of humanity.

— 30min docuseries, 2019


Montreal International Documentary Festival 2019


In November 2016, Soledad and I had just left our cushy positions in the creative sector and found ourselves at a watershed juncture. The pressing question of 'What next?' loomed large, metaphorically akin to a glaring neon sign, pulsating with an inquisitive melody. During the days that followed we sold all our furniture, vacated our Vancouver apartment and set off on roadtrip across the United States en route to Toronto, setting out on a journey that would shape our futures. 

For a long time, we’d harbored dreams of traveling to distant lands to create films, yet the courage to pursue such aspirations eluded us. This time, however, driven by a compelling desire to narrate stories of urgency, to illuminate the struggles of people globally and foster empathy towards minorities, we embarked on a monumental project. The journey would see us through 16 cities across four continents, spanning over seven months of travel.

We began filming in Argentina, where the project evolved in unforeseen ways, challenging our initial plans. We faced a crucial decision: resist these changes, adhering rigidly to our original vision, or embrace a more fluid approach, open to unexpected learnings. This latter path was especially daunting as it demanded handling everything from conception, filming, to post-production predominantly on our own, save for a few contributions (as acknowledged in the credits). Ultimately, we chose to let the characters and their stories guide us, rather than confining them to our preconceived notions. This decision, while leading to numerous unexpected challenges transformed our project from a solitary narrative into an engaging dialogue.

The journey was replete with challenges, setbacks, and triumphs, providing us with profound insights about each other, our fears, motivations, and joys. Our interactions with the remarkable individuals featured in The Human Link taught us invaluable lessons about love, resilience, faith, perseverance, and the importance of maintaining hope and humor in tough times. These experiences deepened our understanding of the human condition, for which we are eternally grateful.