Toward You

Set amid the sprawling suburbs of Toronto, Toward You is the story of Shiva, a teenage girl determined to find an audience for her heartfelt poems. Irascible yet intriguing, her only source of support is her deaf father, who shares a profound, almost mystical bond with her poetry. As she traverses a challenging environment, her journey becomes a testament to her resilience and sharp wit, highlighting her relentless pursuit amidst adversity.

— 15min drama, 2020

Writer/Director: من
Producer: Soledad Vega
DP: Peter Hadfield
Editor: Alexander Farah
Cast: Rojan Molanian // Juan Jaramillo


Vancouver International Film Festival 2020
Vancouver Short Film Festival 2020 (Best Performance by an Actress)
MENA Film Festival 2020 (Audience Choice Award)
Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Screenings and Awards 2020
Boston Short Film Festival 2021
Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2021
Sydney Short Film Festival 2021
Beyond the Short